educational board games

What’s worse than rain on a perfect day? It’s the lack of a good thing or a productive thing to do. Nowadays, children, instead of having to play educational board games would rather spend their time playing with their top of the line gaming console or their latest handheld portable game devices. Though there is nothing wrong with these advancements in technology we have to pay a certain price that some people are not even aware of.
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  • The fun way to learn world geography
  • Learn interesting facts about the world
  • Learn geographical information about each country
  • For 2-4 players, children ages 8+ years

The fun way to learn world geography! Board game takes two to four players… Continue reading

Modern day children feed themselves on all sorts of Junk food in the name of fast food and the results are just as fast when it takes their toll on the children. Most children have now become a part of… Continue reading

A Board Game Education is an entertaining and valuable resource for parents, teachers, educators, and anyone who appreciates the fun and entertainment provided by classic, traditional board games. The book provides an informative analysis of how classic board games that… Continue reading

Differentiated instruction focuses on the students and places them at the center of learning. Traditional classrooms focused on the teacher and did not account for the various learning styles of students. Although not all schools use differentiated learning as the… Continue reading

  • Encourage students to work together to improve their social skills
  • Players discuss solutions to socially challenging situations
  • Encouraging group communication and participation
  • Each game targets a different issue
  • Grades 1-5

Grades 1-5. Addressing morals, manners, empathy, friendship, and showing and… Continue reading

  • Wordplay for Kids is a Teacher’s Choice Award Winner!
  • Fun word challenge game for kids to develop word building, vocabulary, spelling and concentration.
  • No waiting your turn – all players form words in every round!
  • Includes game board, sand timer,… Continue reading

When choosing toys for kids we must settle for attractive toys which are amusing. The toys that we present to them make a world of difference. By paying attention to what you buy for your children, you can help their… Continue reading

  • Learn how to make change
  • Fun twists
  • 2-4 players

Learning valuable money skills is “in the bag” as you collect, count and exchange money all the way to the finish line. This educational game includes a 17″ x 12″ game… Continue reading

Have you ever noticed that the children who play puzzle games or chess more are sharper than the ones who are not much into it? Well it is a fact that puzzles and games help to improve the memory and… Continue reading

  • Math becomes an adventure
  • Takes kids on a journey through the Sum Swamp
  • Endless loop of adding and subtracting
  • Make your way over the crocodile shortcut
  • For 2-4 players

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